Stick like glue!

We offer classes from 18 months to 15 years of age. Our classes vary from beginner to advanced for each age group. Our goal is to develop gross motor skills in a FUN and SAFE environment


Enrollment & Commitment

Enrollment is rolling. You may sign up at anytime and will be pro-rated Accordingly. This is NOT a Monthly Membership. When you register for a class at GCA you are committing to finishing out the current session and are responsible for the remaining class tuition.


85 Mill Plain Rd.
Fairfield, CT. 06824

This class introduces basic elemental gymnastics skill: forward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, jumping, safe landings, climbing, rocking and rolling. Children are organized into groups according to age and ability. These classes are designed for beginners and a low student to teacher ratio ensures personal attention and maximizes safety.

Intermediate program that continues to progress beginner skills and introduce new tricks such as standing backbends, roundoffs and backward rolls on floor; Pullovers, glides and back hipcircles on bars.

An advanced class that focuses on higher level skills.  For instance, Cartwheels and handstands on the beam, and back walkovers and handstands forward rolls on floor. On each event the gymnast will practice basic and intermediate skills while introducing new techniques.

A novice program that focuses on primary gymnastics. Skills such as pullovers and back hipcircles on bars, backbends and back walkovers on floor. An hour and half long class will provide the gymnast time to produce the skills and progress in their technique.

An intermediate class that is designed to progress their basic gymnastic skills and to introduce more challenging tricks. More dismounts on beam, shoot throughs on bars, and beginning to learn the progression and concepts of front and back handsprings.

Advanced program that focuses on high level skills and technique. Skills such as cartwheels on high beam, sole circles on bars and back handspring on floor. This class is developed to perfect performance and to advance on each event.

Advanced Gymnastics for the ages 10-15 yrs.

Routine class for House Team members ages 6-13. This class will be 1 hour long. The gymnasts will learn their routines.

High School Gymnastics Prep Class.

A 60 minute boys gymnastics cross training class with focus on proper skill progression and fundamental strength development.

A class developed for all our homeschool families to enjoy the time of day and space of the gym. It accommodates the least experienced to the most advanced gymnast from ages 3-12 years.