Tumbling at GCA

GCA offers beginner through advanced levels of tumbling for kids, teens, and adults. Brush up on your skills and learn new ones. In GCA’s tumbling classes, you will roll, cartwheel, handstand, back handspring, tuck, layout, and full. The tumblers will practice on various levels of floors from a trampoline, tumble track, rod floor, to a spring floor. The gym has all the advanced apparatuses to help each tumbler achieve their goal.

Ages and Levels

Ages 5-8: All levels for tumblers ages 5-8
Level 1 (Beginner): Forward rolls/handstands/progressions to back walkovers/back handsprings
Level 2 (Intermediate): Progressed past a back handspring and connection to tucks and series running.
Level 3 (Advanced): Advanced tumbling: Layouts, specialty passes and twisting.
High School: For athletes in High School. Variety of skills working on both standing and running
Adult: All levels for tumblers ages 18+

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