The Art of Presence and the Power of Gratitude

The Art of Presence and the Power of Gratitude 
November 24th 11am-1pm 
$35 (Ages 15-Adult)

The stresses of life can distract us from our ability to thrive. Join Nora Malfettone, founder of Spirit School of Connecticut and Lauren Lanham, co-founder of non-profit, INSPIRE for discussion, guided meditation, sound healing and creative writing for an inspiring event about the importance and the power of harnessing presence and gratitude in the most difficult times. 

Thanksgiving is a time to acknowledge our abundance and our kindness. When we are present, energy naturally arises in the form of gratitude and of generosity. Join us as we explore and tune in to these powerful feelings.

Join in community to connecto to our brilliant essence by fostering presence through guided meditation, light movement, discussion, visualization and sound healing. 

NORA MALFETTONE: Founder of Spirit School Of Connecticut, is an intuitive/alchemical healer, spiritual counselor, yogi, sound healer, writer and priestess- transforming individuals’ perception of their reality to facilitate alignment with their own Divinity. Nora has had a deep empathic awareness and sensitivity her whole life. Having first harnessed her own power and self-healed from depression and chronic pain, Nora has been in practice for over a decade – helping empower individuals to harness their innate ability to thrive on their life journey. In her practice, she has seen hundreds of clients regenerate and convert their suffering to unshackled joy, and chronic pain/illness to full mobility, health and comfort.

Being a student and teacher of Vedic philosophy, Yoga, personal training, Jikiden Reiki, Egyptian High Alchemy and classical music for many years, she has developed a unique, powerful and customized method in her healing services and events.

She is a proud mother of her daughter, Aya Sri.


LAUREN LANHAM: Founder and Executive Program Director of INSPIRE – 
Lauren has been a yoga and meditation teacher for over 20 years. She holds certifications from The White Lotus Foundation and Amrit Yoga Foundation. 

Lauren is a Reiki Master. She has also completed facilitator trainings in the Creating Lasting Family Connections Program and in the QPR – Suicide Prevention Program. Along with Nancy, Lauren was an advisor to the First Selectman during establishment of the Town of Fairfield’s Community Coalition on Alcohol and Health, now called Fairfield CARES, of which she is a founding member. Lauren holds a B.A. in French Literature from George Washington University.

INSPIRE  was created to enhance the quality of life in our community by reducing stress and improving coping strategies. We offer presentations, workshops and therapies which can advance the attainment of a healthy emotional lifestyle. 

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