NEW! Nerf Battle Parties

Now introducing our new NERF BATTLE Parties!

Choose from the following Nerf Party games:

  1. Defend the Foam Pit – 5 vs. All
    A team of 5 will build and control the foam pit. the pit protectors get three hits before getting out, the attackers get two. Rounds will last 5 minutes.
  2. Capture the Flag
    Kids will be split into two, three, or four teams. The first team to recover the opposing teams flag and return to their side wins. 2 hits and you are out. Rounds will last 5 minutes.
  3. Free For All
    Free. For. All.
  4. Sitting Ducks
    Two kids will run through the room from point A to Point B. Everyone else is in the foam pit shooting at the ducks. One hit and the duck is done.

To begin customizing your party click here!

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