The Adaptive Edge Program

The Adaptive Edge Program was developed, for children (ages 4-10)and adolescents (ages 11-18) with intellectual and physical disabilities, to promote self-control, increase self-esteem and physical activity through Gymnastics, Parkour, and Dance. 

The adaptive Edge Program and GCA want your child to benefit from their participation in this program. We encourage parents and siblings to participate and make your child’s experience the best it can be.  1:1 accommodations can be made if preferred. 


Program dates: 9/15-11/3

Ages: 4-18
Time: 1:30-2:30pm
Program Cost: $240 for the 8 week session.

To register for The Adaptive Edge Program please contact GCA

For more information or to sign up for an intake meeting please contact the Program Director, Brendan Bogan, CTRS:

Next Session: 11/18-1/20

For the next session GCA is hosting the Adaptive Edge program on Sundays, due to traffic at GCA as well as the other businesses in the Sportsplex on Saturday afternoons. If you have any concerns or questions please contact GCA, or coach Brendan.

Ages: 4-18

Time 12:00 to 1:00

Dates: The new 10 week session is starting SUNDAY November 18th and will end Sunday January 20th. 

Intake Meeting

Prior to enrollment in The Adaptive Edge Program we ask that you make an intake meeting with the Adaptive Edge Program Director, Brendan Bogan, CTRS (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist). This meeting is in place so that you and your child can have a tour of our 7 programming spaces, as well as introduce your child to Coach Brendan, the Director of the program. During this meeting we will identify the goals of participation for your child during the session, and discuss ways that our staff can make your child’s experiences at the Adaptive Edge Program fun and beneficial. 

What are the Benefits of Participating in the Adaptive Edge Program?

Improved social skills by following 1 & 2 step directions and interacting with coaches and peers.

Improved motor skills and self-confidence by overcoming physical & mental obstacles one step at a time.

We encourage everyone to try new activities and actively participate in a the Adaptive Edge Program.

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